Professional Event Management Services

What exactly is event management? In the simplest terms, it comprises the logistics – the nuts and bolts – of any event. Event management companies plan, coordinate, and take a point for the details most people overlook. Event management includes everything before, during, and even after your event.


Logistics like; making sure that the proper personnel and equipment are delivered on time; security and police are on hand when needed; valet and parking are provided for your guests; your location is appropriate for your needs; transportation is plentiful; and other details that the success of your event depends on.

Type of Events

In-Person & Virtual Event Design

We are certified Digital Event Strategists, creating spectacular event experiences for your organization and guests – online or in-person.


Whether your event has been around for years, or you have come up with a new idea to get people together, we are here to guide you on the ins and outs of virtual and hybrid events including:


digital event strategy

online event platforms, tech, and integrations

user experience and engagement

content strategy, creation and delivery

online sponsorship and how it differs from in-person sponsorship

building your unique digital environment

production and tech requirements

speaker and presenter training

enhanced safety protocols and insurance needs

post online event measurement.

Live-streaming, pre-recorded sessions, or supplemental virtual content for your in-person event will determine what kind of logistical planning you require.


And until we return to meeting face to face, we are the experts you need in your corner. Give your attendees the best virtual experience possible!


Virtual and hybrid events have become the next normal, but good news! Virtual events are easier to host, easier to attend, and have a broader reach! Event design is key – don’t do what everyone else is doing. Remember, what may work in-person may not work on a small screen.


There’s no excuse for boring!


The logistics of your event are your event. Some smaller events (like office parties or an outing at a local restaurant) do not require much in the way of management. For these, spending hours searching for “event management companies” is not necessary for your gathering. However, if your corporate event is more like an all-hands meeting, corporate retreat, high-end holiday party, or large company picnic an event management company can be an invaluable asset.



  • Event Management

  • Arrival and Departure Management

  • Destination Management

  • Registration Setup

  • Custom Menu

  • Ticketing & Registration Management

  • Strategic Planning Session

Our team has experience working with organizations of all sizes. Legacy Impact Management proudly offers nonprofit event planning in Texas, and other states, that is sure to make your mission heard and goals met. We look forward to making your next event a fully interactive and impactful experience.